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The data you store in QuickBooks is crucial for running your business, managing your finances and paying your taxes. Most QuickBooks users depend on some sort of online backup for their data security and peace of mind.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the minutiae of backing up QuickBooks data—both Desktop and Online. But first, let’s cover some of your basic questions.

1. FAQs
How do I set up QuickBooks Online Backup?

QuickBooks Online Backup is now Intuit Data Protect. It is included with Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Enterprise Plans. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to activate your data protection plan or purchase Intuit Data Protect through QuickBook’s app store.
QuickBooks Online Backup is only available for QuickBooks Desktop accounts. QuickBooks Online accounts must set up a backup through a third-party app or export data manually (see below)
How much is QuickBooks Online Backup?

Intuit Data Protect starts at $4.95/month for one company plan. Data Protect is included with some Desktop plans at no additional cost.
If you’re a QuickBooks Online user, protection plans vary based on the app you choose. Most plans average slot gacor around $10/month or $5/month for Accountants.
How do I set up an automatic backup in QuickBooks?

First, you need to activate Intuit Data Protect through your Desktop account. Then, your data will back up automatically, once a day, every day.
What is the best way to backup QuickBooks?

The preferred backup for QuickBooks Desktop users is Intuit Data Protect. QuickBooks Online users typically export data manually or utilize a third-party app.
How do I export from QuickBooks Online?

You can export data manually by viewing a report, selecting the Export icon and selecting “Export to Excel” or “Export to PDF” (see below)
2. QuickBooks Desktop Backup Options
QuickBooks Desktop users are accustomed to creating routine local backups in order to protect their data security. However, there are many online options now available in QuickBooks 2019 and other Desktop versions, some that integrate directly with the software.

Intuit Data Protect
Intuit Data Protect is QuickBook’s favored offering for online backups. Data Protect is a new, subscription-based service that fully integrates with QuickBooks Desktop versions 2016 and later.

The program runs automatically, once a day. You can manually backup your files using Intuit Data Protect by selecting “Back up now.” Your computer needs to be on for Intuit Data Protect to run, but if you miss a scheduled backup, the program will run automatically when the computer boots back up.

Intuit Data Protect shows status alerts on your QuickBooks Desktop homepage, notifying you of recent backups and any incomplete or failed backup files. You can view your backup history by date and time and store up to 45 days of backups.

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